The Experience Factory Personal Development Programme Testimony

‘The Personal Development session has not only been informative and eye opening but fun as well, as it affords us the talents a platform to share our wisdom as well as to communicate amongst ourselves challenges that we encounter be it in the work environment or in our own personal lives.

With the friendly environment that TEF has created we as the talents are more at ease to share a lot with each other and it gives a sense of comfort knowing others can relate to some issues I might be facing or dealing with. Not only do we share our challenges but we also serve as support structures for one another and give each other some encouragement as well as great words of advice

The different subjects that get covered during the personal development sessions help one assess their current state of being/mind and allows one to reflect as well as to implement change where it is needed. I have come to be aware of a whole lot of things about myself, things that I didn’t pay attention to but which were pinpointed by the other talents.

Topics like Lateral Thinking are topics, which have a lasting effect on me, it has helped me a lot to always ask questions to test assumptions in life and it also cultivates a culture of always finding new ways of doing things. This information is definitely beneficial for me as I am able to incorporate some of the teachings in my life and I am able to share with others.

I look forward to more of these awesome sessions to help build a better me.’