How The Experience Factory Works


The Experience Factory obtains the requirements of the candidate from the client. Through our network, we then source and match the candidates that best fit the requirements and organisation.

The shortlisted candidates then go undergo two stages of interviews and an assessment. Those that excel in this phase are then taken into The Empowerment Programme.


Corporate Literacy Programme (3 weeks):

1) Applied Learning Workshops:

  • The three-week program consists of daily workshops that cover the following aspects:

Defining Talent; Personal Leadership; Reliability and Punctuality; Verbal and Written Communication; Report Writing; Basics of Microsoft Office; Presentation Skills; Public Speaking; Working in a team; Work-Life-Health Balance; Social Contracts and Interview preparation.

  • The aim of these sessions is to provide talents with a platform to unlock, explore and express their unique talents. They are then equipped with practical learnings that will allow for these talents to be further nurtured.

During this phase, there is considerable effort in encouraging the talent’s individual self-worth and confidence.

2) Shared Peer Learning:

  • This is introduced during this phase. The various interactions and exercises allow for the group to develop trust over a short period, which allows for honest and robust feedback and communication amongst the talents.


3) Facilitators:

  • The talents are provided with different facilitators who cover the various topics. The interactive design of the programme allows the talents to gain exponentially from these facilitators, whilst developing an in-depth rapport during this phase.


Personal Development Program – 6 to 12 months’ Programme:

Once the talents have been placed, we are now in the Personal Development phase of the program. This phase consists of three important aspects in their continuous development:


1) Applied Learning Workshops:

  • We have two sessions a month with the talents covering topics such as Growth Mindset, Lateral Thinking, Personal Branding, Organisational Culture and Agility, Career Lattice, Timely Decision-Making, Conflict Management.
  • The aim of these sessions is to further build on the learnings that were established during the Empowerment Programme; to equip the talents for this work-integration stage in their career; and encourage them to continue to stretch their abilities.


2) Shared Peer Learning:

  • Through coming together as a group every second week, the talents are able to share their different experiences in their respective internships and thus are to ensure an “amplification of social experiences”
  • Through peer counselling and peer review the talents are also able to grow leadership qualities that will further spur their growth and potential as leaders.


3) External Mentorship:

  • The talents are provided with external mentors. This allows them to leverage on the wisdom, skills and knowledge of those who have gone before them, and gain a fresh perspective on perspective and approaches.