The Experience Factory (TEF) is a social enterprise who specialises in the hybrid combination of both talent recruitment and skill development with a continuous emphasis on soft skills to combat the unemployment issue in SA.

Integrated services:
1) applied learning workshops
2) shared peer learning platform
3) one on one mentorship

We believe that there is no shortage of talent in developing countries and that through a comprehensive programme that is focused on developing demonstrated potential, the current disconnect between graduates and industry can be curbed.

A high level of graduate unemployment represents a major challenge for developing countries and its economic development. Not only are employers deprived of crucial degree-based skills but the youth themselves are also excluded from the labour force. A lack of not only workplace experience but also social capital experience is one of the main obstacles preventing unemployed graduates from entering the workforce. Society views this inexperience as a ‘problem’ – we see it as an opportunity.

The Experience Factory’s vision was born out of the recognition that our education system alone is not able to adequately bridge the gap between what graduates derive from their respective qualifications and what the working and business spheres require of them. This gap is further pronounced in those that come from previously disadvantaged backgrounds.