ACUTE pandemic causing a global shift



The COVID-19 Pandemic has seen a global shift in the way we work, live, commute and connect with each other. South Africa has entered into a 21 day lockdown, as stated by President Cyril Ramaphosa. As we have seen, the pandemic is set to affect all our lives, but poses a greater potential challenge for the vulnerable and the immunocompromised.  

Our mission has always been to make a positive difference in society by assisting those in vulnerable positions. This pandemic further highlights the necessity to help one another and offer one another generosity through the spirit of Ubuntu. 

As a response to the 21 day lockdown we will continue our commitment to serving our clients, partners, community and our employees

  • Our staff is working virtually from home
  • We have moved our onboarding process to virtual onboarding
  • We continue to conduct video interviews using Live Video sessions

We will continue to unwaveringly live by our core beliefs and values. 

We believe in grit

During these challenging times we will continue to train, mentor and upskill unemployed graduates. Our graduates have overcome many challenges to education and the perseverance, grit, ambition and tenacity they possess during this time will be an added value to our world.

We believe in integrity

We see the need to expand onto online as an opportunity to embody the value of integrity by protecting all our staff, employees and other stakeholders; whilst simultaneously encouraging our graduates to model integrity through honesty and transparency for future employment opportunities. 

We believe in empathy

We have created a welcoming, inclusive and respectful environment which allows all our graduates to feel comfortable to thrive, regardless of background. We will continue to nurture this value online. 

How to contact us:

081 526 2272- whatsapp line

We will continue to hold firmly onto positivity, empathy and nurturing our community of graduates, staff and stakeholders. Taking each day at a time, we will continue to see how best we can serve our graduates to equip them for the workplace. 

Wishing you health and safety,

The Experience Factory team


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