Impact accelerator for purpose-driven high-performance organisations for sustainable growth.

My name is Jop Blom, an international serial social entrepreneur, CSR advisor, and leadership expert. Over the last 2 decades, I had the privilege to support dozens of organisations and hundreds of professionals in over 25 countries on 4 continents, in optimizing their leadership performance and long-term value creation. Based on this experience we shaped the Impact Accelerator for purpose-driven high-performance organisation for sustainable growth. This model combines the key strategic pillars that organisations have to get in place in order to lead their respective fields, whether you are an NGO, (semi) Government, Multinational or innovative tech /social/green start or scale-up company or fair brand.

Purpose-driven: finding your personal and corporate reason for being.

Purpose-driven is the new buzz word for both organisations as well as personal mastery. Nowadays everyone has to be driven by some kind of higher goal, larger than itself to serve humanity and create a more just and sustainable future in the world. And this is true. Research and best practices reveal purpose-driven organizations realize sustainable growth, an increase of market share, and drive engagement and profitability. Or as Jim Stengel (former CMO Procter & Gamble) stated: “The 50 highest performing businesses are driven by performance and grew three times faster than their competitors”. The famous TED talk of Simon Sinek showed organisation to start leading your organisation from your purpose (WHY) to drive your strategic pillars (HOW) and eventually to your organisational execution, services or products and positioning in the market (WHAT).

On an individual level, it is important to align your own purpose or meaning in life with the career you like to develop. Matching your passion with your strengths, finding the right kind of company and job role in which you can optimize your career and meanwhile serve humanity, whether big or small by playing your role as a good citizen in your community. The most efficient tool that can help you with finding your “reason for being” is the thousands of years old Japanese wisdom of Ikigai.PastedGraphic-4-page-001

Sustainability & winning culture: shaping your future together!

The other 2 pillars of our model consist of the importance of sustainability and having a long-term vision as well as creating a winning culture by building trust. We live in a VUCA world (Volatile Uncertainty Complexity Ambiguity) in which only the ones with a positive growth mindset and the most adaptable to change survive. That’s why we have hosted numerous so-called “life-changing long term leadership journeys” in which we invite all of the team members of a company on our journey to shape our future strategy together. Together we adopt a growth mindset and assess future trends and developments to turn challenges in opportunities. Together we set our dot on the horizon while we remain open for future changes and developments in this direction. This builds transparency and trust. Everybody is aligned towards this overarching long term vision, knows what is expected and takes personal responsibility and ownership for his own role to achieve our set goal, operational mission, and higher vision. Purpose Led MODEL_RBC_final_october2018_2 kopie-page-001 (1)

Leadership & talent engagement.

The old management style of telling and even controlling people to do what they have to do is over. Leadership is all about creating an enabling environment and inspiring people to flourish and optimize their full potential. The Holocracy organisation of the future is flat in a hierarchy in which leadership is servant, people are selected on roles and no job descriptions and the best 360 degrees teams are self-organized to work on specific (innovative/ disruptive) projects. War on talent will increase and soft, social, adaptability and creative skills will become increasingly important as AI and Robots can take over the routine and monotonous work. The future generations look for trustworthy & transparent value-driven companies, purpose & meaning in their work and room to learn & develop in their careers. Other than the previous so-called YOLO millennial generation, the current generation is much more disappointed in politics and concerned about the state and future of the world. They are more competitive and also searching for more job securities and building a just and sustainable future for themselves and the people around them.

That’s why I am so enthusiastic about The Experience Factory in South Africa as they are sharing the same philosophy and truly supporting talent & leadership optimization to drive the inclusive, prosperous and sustainable growth of their talents, clients and South Africa.

Jop Blom

Chief inspirator




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