How to Job Hunt – The Essential Guide


So, what do graduates do that I didn’t? Job hunt! Here is a strategy habit that I added to my job search routine and eventually got the job.

Two months after my graduation, after having spent most of my time sleeping and daydreaming, I finally decided to strike out and do the dreaded job search. Sure, I may have applied to 200 jobs in the following months, but I didn’t get any interviews. Or I would get interviews, but I didn’t get any offers.

Just like everything else I do, I had to experiment to find the right strategies that could guarantee me Success. Something that would work for me. I had to re-evaluate where I could be more effective in my search. I was so hard on myself. But I had attempted so many ways to try to make something work, and I concluded that I probably just need a break.

I jotted down my current strategy to get some perspective on why I was failing so much before I could continue. And so, I came to the realization that I had nothing motivating me. So, I chose to write words on paper that I would say to myself each morning,

“Today is going to be a good day.”

As a recovering awkward person, I had to learn to be confident from the ground up.

These 8 words motivated me every day and encouraged me to come up with a strategy. I started organizing all my information onto an excel spreadsheet, that I used when I had submitted applications, interview dates, call times, and responses. And it worked out.

Time has passed too quickly. It is already month 5 into my internship and everything just seems like a dream.

-Lilitha Musi


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