Impact accelerator for purpose-driven high-performance organisations for sustainable growth.

Impact accelerator for purpose-driven high-performance organisations for sustainable growth. An insightful and useful on the useful article by @JopBlom. Read the full article here.

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Change of focus does not mean a change of purpose

One thing I know that is constant in life is change, and many of us panic when we are forced to change our great plans and have not thought of plan B. As a graduate, armed with a degree or degrees, you never imagined that you would struggle to get employment. Months go by and sometimes... Continue Reading →

How not to totally deflate your not so successful candidate!

Scenario – You’re an employer or a recruitment agency or simply interviewing someone for a job you’re offering, and you have a bunch of young (or not so young) hopefuls arriving for the interview! Challenge is they don’t fit the bill! What do you do? It’s simple, by the second or third question you already... Continue Reading →

The Real Skills Gap – Confidence

Statistics show that our South African economy continues to face the growing hustle of unemployment which appears to be most prevalent among its youth. Recent stats show that as at Q1 of 2019, the South African youth account for 63.4% of the total unemployed persons, (youth classified as ages 15 – 34) and a staggering... Continue Reading →

How to Job Hunt – The Essential Guide

So, what do graduates do that I didn’t? Job hunt! Here is a strategy habit that I added to my job search routine and eventually got the job. Two months after my graduation, after having spent most of my time sleeping and daydreaming, I finally decided to strike out and do the dreaded job search.... Continue Reading →

How to navigate through the highly coveted first job as a graduate

  How to navigate through the highly coveted first job as a graduate Many of us graduate and walk into life after graduation without the slightest clue on what to expect. What it means is that you need to adapt, be flexible and become malleable because we live in an ever-changing world. So, how do... Continue Reading →

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